Digital Marketing, Advertising, PR, SEO, Graphic Designs, Web Sites, All You Need For Your Business.
Almost 15 Years Experience In All Phases of MEDIA.
Carlos Adrian Maleville  |  #: (818) 497-0145  |  |  25001 Magic Mountain Bvd. Valencia CA 91355

Almost 15 years experience in all phases of marketing, advertising and PR, SEO, graphic design, strong knowledge in building web sites, personal advertisements,  banners, video editing, and much more. I have full understanding of print production and mechanicals.

Iím a self motivated, energetic, my goal is to develop creative solutions to ensure continuous production.

- Quantify your goals
- Generate campaign ideas and strategies
- Target your audience
- Deliver one or two key messages and your call-to-action
- Create your budget and estimate your return on investment
- Plan your fulfillment
- Plan to measure
- Continually test and improve

A marketing campaign isn't something that comes to you while you're taking a shower.
Successful campaigns tend to be carefully researched, well thought-out and focused on details and execution, rather than resting on a single, grand idea. Planning a marketing campaign starts with understanding your position in the marketplace and ends with details such as the wording of an advertisement.
Keep in mind that your plan for a marketing campaign is not supposed to be a prison. You have to leave room to make changes as you go along because no plan can perfectly capture reality. But you should also be able to commit fully to implementing your plan or some future version of it if you want to take a strong step toward growth.

Digital Plan Marketing (Prices):

Monthly / Per Month, Promotional Products with No Setup Fees

SEO - $500

Scripts &
Landing Pages.

3 Landing pages per week. 12 landing pages per month.  Including scripts guaranteed to boost your search ranking.

Social Media - $400

> Twitter

> LinkeIn

> Google +

> Instagram

> Facebook


5 posted per Week = 20 per week.
Include: Art design + description for each

Email Blast - $300

> Email Blasts Sent 3 times a month for up to 5000 Subscribers. 


*Subscribers should be from your own DataBase.  We can provide a list at an extra cost determined by the number of emails we furnish.

 Other Services

> Printing
> Graphic design
    Starting at $1000
(Ask For Quote)


Package #1 - $1000

> Social Media   


> Email Blast

Package #2 - $700

> Social Media


Package #3 - $600


> Email Blast

Package #4 - $500

> Social Media

> Email Blast

We are here to support your need to reach farther into the world with your message and or product.
We are excited by this opportunity to work with you.
We're willing and able to create a customized media marketing experience based on your specific needs.
Let us know what you intend to accomplish and I'm confident that we can accommodate. 
Thank you for taking the time to review of Media Products and packages. Let us know if you have any questions."

Carlos Maleville
(818) 497-0145
Marketing, Advertising, PR, SEO, Graphic Designs, Web Sites, Personal Advertisements, Video Editing, All You Need For Your Business.